Aug 18, 2011

TCS campus placements

Hi Everyone,

            I wanted to share my experience in the TCS recruitment on dec' 10 in our college campus during my final semister. It contained 3 rounds, Written test, Technical round and HR interview.
            1) Written Test : Completely on aptitude and logical questions. Difficulty level is high for the questions. It was an online test. Be very careful and be aware about the online test rules.
               The questions are mostly from TCS previous papers with minor changes. The basic for aptitude questions is from RSAgarval aptitude book. But the standard of qns is high. How fast and how logically you think, is the key for the success in this test. I suggest every one to practice all the previous papers thoroughly.
The following link contains some TCS papers for your reference: click here for TCS old papers.

             2) Second round is Technical round: One of the senior HRs or Project Managers of TCS wil conduct face to face technical round. As it is campus placement and as we are all freshers, mostly we faced questions on basics only. So dont worry much about this round. There may be some qns about TCS and its policies etc. So have some basic idea about the company as well. Be very confident when answering the qns. Being frank also helps. Try to take the HRs concentration to the subject which you likes most/which you are more confident about. Highlight the same in your RESUME also.
              Dont do night outs on the previous night of interviews. Take a good rest. That improves your concentration. Dont listen to others comments about interviews, and dont be panic infront of interviewer. Be very confident.......Be very confident.......Be very confident.

              3) Final round is HR round: Mostly it is a formality round. Your communication skills and confidence levels matters here. General qns about TCS, or about yourself, your study, family background etc will be asked. Again your confidence matters here. Be prepared with a good answer for the question "Tell me About Yourself". And please dont copy others answers. Every one try to think about themselves and write your own answer.

       Finally, my suggestion is, Dont worry about the result...just face the interview with confidence. Its still your first interview, so you have nothing to loss, more to gain..either job or experience :) . One thing is sure,
If you are selected you are lucky and if you are not, you are double lucky ( I dnt tell u Y)
       All the best guys.

Kishor Chandra N,
Software Developer,
Riktam Technologies. 

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